Sunday, December 15, 2013

Corduroy Pants for BIg Little Guy

These have been sewn for over a month. He's worn them numerous times and I forever forget to snap a picture. As it is I had to quick get one this morning before he put socks on AND he wore them to church yesterday too so they aren't even crisp and clean. Yee Gads!

Ottobre again same size as the jeans. He just needed something new and fresh because the dang knees wear out so quick!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grayish Blue Stretch Woven Shirt

I am desperately STILL in need of clothes. My wardrobe has been bad for several years and I've limped along. It's hard when you're sewing for 3 growing children at the same time ya know?

But my goal is to try my best to get caught up on theirs AND remedy my sad wardrobe this winter too.

I began with Ottobre Girly Touch #8 from 5/2013. It is a size 46 with dart adjustments that were made in process but will definitely be used in the future from the beginning. The darts have already been redrawn on the pattern.

I think it turned out well, possibly a tiny bit big. If I lose a bit more weight I'd attempt a size 44 with stretch cotton. If I use woven, I'll stay with the 46 I believe as I think the only reason it is a the larger size is because the stretch gives me room to move.
I have to say it's the best fitting shirt through the shoulders and arm pits that I've sewn in a long time. Again, Ottobre knows what they're doing.

Sorry I forgot to get a back view again! It fits great across the shoulders though. So here is another front view.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Atonement T-shirts

The traditional color for Day of Atonement is white. Our church was celebrating in a traditional way so I quick whipped up some white T's for the boys. Sewed them in an afternoon but it took me 2 months to get them posted. What's with that? Oh, yeah, I'd rather be sewing than blogging!

They are in the same size t-shirt at this point. Ottobre patters are wonderful. Now if I could remember which Ottobre I used.....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pink Skirt for Little Miss

I finally got back in the sewing room between canner loads! Praising the Lord for an abundant harvest this year but I'm ready to get back in the sewing room!

I made a couple of white t-shirts for the boys for Day of Atonement at our church. I'll try to get photos of those up soon. I only type this as a reminder to myself.....

The credit for the photo goes to a dear friend who invited us to a home school photo shoot.
Photo is courtesy of HD Photography.
This week I sewed up a skirt for Little Miss. It is from Ottobre 4/2013. It's called Tangent velveteen miniskirt #34. But I made a size 128 and lengthened it to the length of a 140. After taking it in a bunch because she has no hips to keep it up, and making major adjustments because I didn't have an invisible zipper handy, it turned out pretty well.
Photo courtesy of HD Photography
It was a pain making it but I'm proud of the finished product. I'm also proud of myself because finally after many, many years I feel confident enough to veer from the directions and make things work the way I want them to.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blue Leopard Print Swim Suit

This little girl's old suit was thread bare and in need of replacing! I had this pattern and had made it before. I was short on time. I really want to make her one with another pattern that I have with a tank top and shorts/skirt on the bottom. But this will have to do for now.

Kwik Sew 3605 - size M -  Lycra swimwear fabric that was in my stash

Back view

Plaid Peasant Top

Kwik Sew 3065 - view D - size L - periwinkle plaid cotton gauze fabric.

No, this does not match the previous brown skirt post. I'm still working on fabric for that! In the mean time I need clothes badly. This was quick and easy, I like the style, and it's cool for the summer! I'm just not sure what bottom I'll wear it with, sigh

Back View - pretty much the same as the front :-)

Brown Skirt for me

Simplicity 2184 view A size 20 - no alterations Just a simple A-line skirt.

I've been sewing, a little bit. I just  haven't been blogging because I've been in the garden and canning season has begun. I figure I better update before I forget what I've done. I'll be scarce in the sewing room for the next 2 months - which makes me sad!

I've been talking to my personal color consultants (aka some of my best friends) and they've decided that all these years in navy blue has been all wrong!  Apparently I am a warm autumn person which means I need greens, browns, pumpkin, mauve, and periwinkle! I have very little of those in my wardrobe! LOL
close up of the fabric pattern

My wardrobe is in such a sorry state anyway so no great loss! I guess I'll try to keep these colors in mind as I move forward and adjust as I go. Maybe someday I'll get it together!! That's a big maybe!

Now to find some fabric for a shirt to match.....

Monday, July 1, 2013

One More Purse Pouch

I sewed this little diddy up this week too. Hopefully it'll help keep my purse organized! I found the pattern on line here. It was fun & easy. I'll make it again for sure!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pouch for Purse

I need some bags/pouches for my purse. This one will be a summer first aid kit for my purse. I also hope to make a bit smaller something for a sewing kit too.

This one is Butterick 6678 view K. The two zippers are nice. I made it out of some decorator fabric that a friend gave me for free.  It looks like denim in the picture but it's really a bit fuzzy. My camera isn't the greatest with the flash inside.

It ended up about 6 inches high x 8 inches long x 1 1/2 inches wide.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weird Shirt for Me

This is a strange top! I thought it looked kind of fun in the Ottobre magazine. I'm not sure yet if I like it made up or not! It hangs kind of weird but the styles right now are like that so maybe I just have to "get with it".

It's from Ottobre 2/2013 #13 The Lemon Juice top in size 46/48. No alterations were made. The fabric is a single jersey that I got from This is the first Ottobre I've made for me. I like them a lot for the kids. The sizing seems okay so I am encouraged to try some more for me.

back view

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Recieving Blankets and Burp Cloths

Recently a friend at church asked me to sew some receiving blankets and burp cloths.

Here are the burp cloths. They are out of a lime green and a blue and purple peacock fabric that she supplied. They turned out ok but not as nice as I had hoped.

Here is an action shot of the blankets being used!! Isn't he adorable?!??!?!!

I had machine troubles (due to naughty children which cost me $120!! Oooh Mama wasn't happy at all!!!!) and had to sew these on my oldest daughter's machine.  I am so thankful for my extra features on my machine! Especially my needle up/down and my F foot for doing edge stitching!!!!!!! So glad to have it back now.

Girls Undies

I know this should have been a winter project but I guess I missed it. Next year I'll be sure to get a bunch done for the year during the slow days of winter. They aren't hard at all. They go together quick. And they're undies so who cares what they look like right?

These are just a few of the assembly line of this week. I still have a few for the guys to do too....

Jalie 2568 in sizes K, Q, and AA - style A. Made 7 pairs total so far and have a couple more cut out. All out of FREE fabric from a friend who is in a quilt guild that can't use lycra. It's not the most lovely color but it's beautiful quality fabric! Gotta love free especially with the price of underwear these days! I bought the elastic here at a very reasonable cost!

Besides what family can say that they all have matching undies? LOL

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kwik Sew Peasant Top

I've made this one before and it goes together quick but it's comfy and girly.

Kwik Sew 3169 - size L (10) lengthened 3 inches. Fabric is a single jersey that I've had in the stash for a while.

Ottobre shirt and short leggings

Ottobre 3/2013 Watermelon top #29 size 140 with no alterations. Could have gone with the 134 as the neck is plenty large.

Ottobre 3/2013 Chica Ciclista short leggings #33 size 134 - cut to 140 length.

These are so nice for under skirts so little girls stay discreet and modest.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Gift

A family friend of ours had a birthday last Friday and I was blessed to be able to be down in Missouri the day after.  I sewed him McCalls 2736 - size Medium.

My daughter knitted him some slippers and I sewed him this shirt. Hope you get many years of wear out of it Bill!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is over and done with now so I can share what I made for my Mom.

The pattern called for very narrow binding. I did the first one that way and I didn't like it. So the second one I made a tiny bit wider. It worked a bit better.

I hope she gets lots of use out of them!

P.S. Pardon my stained ironing board. Maybe I should look at recovering that. When I get time, right? That's funny.... when I get time.... Hahahahahaha

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Navy T-shirt

I have been sewing Kwik Sew patterns for over 20 years. I could put their t-shirts together in my sleep.  Wouldn't ya know Ottobre has just a bit different method for binding the neck and sleeves.  I like this other method (I think) but it'll take more practice - hopefully not another 20 years!

This is another Summer 3/2012 - #24 T-shirt, size 122.  This time in navy.
Not sure yet about the V neck.  I'm going to try a regular crew neck out of Summer 3/2013 next.  It will have binding similar to Kwik Sew, it looks like :-) and now sleeve binding.  Gotta get a couple more T's for the boys done quick like.  Spring will be here soon, still hoping.
I've been doing a bit of other sewing too but I can't show you until after Mother's Day.  I also need to work on a birthday gift for a friend.  My list gets longer rather than shorter - what's up with that?? My Ottobre list keeps extending too! Such fun and up-to-date styles!! Now if my back would cooperate and let me sew, I'd be in good shape.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My New Baby

Look what hubby bought me this weekend! I've wanted one for a long time but didn't want to buy one that needed refurbishing or work. We found this one after my sister-in-law found it on Craig's List and told me about it. I'm happy and now I just have to learn to use it :-)

The head is in perfect condition and the guy did a wonderful job refinishing the cabinet!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blue & Black Checked Shirt

 Littlest Man was SO excited to actually pick out his own fabric on-line so when my fabric order arrived this week his shirt was the first project undertaken.

I used Ottobre 3/2012 #19, size 110 with no alterations. Fabric: Prepster Stretch Yarn Dyed Shirting Plaid Turquoise/Black. 98% cotton, 2 % Lycra from

At first I was just going to do it as a plain shirt but as I began cutting it out I thought "oh, what the heck he deserves something different and unique". Ugh! Stupid thought!

The binding on the bottom was a pain in the rump. Actually the binding went on fine but the directions said not to add seam allowance to the bottom up to the side vents. The directions didn't make sense regarding how that was supposed to meet up with the seam allowance that was added to the side seams. So... I made it up as I went along.....

The sleeves are not how they should be even though they turned out looking alright. Those directions were a bit whacked out too.
I told him this wasn't a mug shot but.....

It turned out OK and wearable, but I will not repeat this pattern (as written) again. I'll use the pattern itself but will make it how I want to make it and not follow their directions. It fits well and the sizing is wonderful. I was so pleased with the pants patterns and directions... I hope this was just a fluke as far as their shirt patterns and directions go.
Oh and don't worry - he's up for a haircut tomorrow!! So he won't look like such a wild man after that LOL

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Black leggings

Have I mentioned that I just LOVE being able to spend a bit of time in the sewing room rather than heading to a store to fulfill our clothing needs?? I love that many projects are so simple that I can finish them quicker than getting in my car and driving to the store!!

Little Miss wanted to wear a shirt that she had worn to her brother's wedding. It was a bit too fancy to wear with jeans so she requested some leggings.

A few minutes later I had her try these on.....

Ottobre 1/2013 #37 size 140, no adjustments made. She requested I leave the pockets off. I actually like that they turned out a bit baggy rather than tight leggings. She can wear them as leggings or as knit pants with shorter tops.

Once again the Ottobre's fit my kids wonderfully! LOVE it!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Done (for now) with pants for Little Big Guy

First a picture of WHY I have been sewing pants lately....
He's blowing out the patches and he is ready for a flood should there be one!

So... I made one more pair of pants for my growing weed! He has 3 now so that should last through the summer. So I'm officially done sewing pants for him until at least the fall. These are the Ottobre view 24 from summer 2012 again - size 122 with no changes. I bought 3 and 4 inch zippers on line so that was kind of neat. Then I also ordered some 1/2 inch snaps in a copper and silver color. I'm not happy with this waistband but they're wearable so we'll just go with them for this time.

I am planning to make a couple of t-shirts and then I need to make some summer clothes for Little Miss. And then hopefully I'll be dropping some pounds soon so I can make some legging to go with my tunic. sigh

I probably should make me some pot holders though, since I didn't win them from Mama Pea! LOL So many needs..... sew little time........

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ottobre T-shirt

A black T-shirt for Big Little Guy.  Just trying this one out with some scrap fabric. I ordered some nice single knit jersey to make some summer T's for him. In the mean time while I wait for the fabric to arrive, I thought I'd play around with the binding methods from Ottobre.

This is from Summer 3/2012 - #24 - size 122. I lengthened it by 2 inches but then hemmed it up 1 1/2 inches and it is plenty long. I can't get over how well these Ottobre patterns fit my skinny kids!

The neck hole turned out a tiny bit big but I'm not sure why. I'm thinking of cutting the binding a tad bit shorter next time.

The directions called for the binding to be cut 4cm wide. Next time I'll try 5cm. It was a bit narrow to have enough on the right side and still catch the wrong side in the top stitching.

I look forward to trying some contrasting binding, fun prints with solid binding, and..... lots more ideas. Kids can never have enough T-shirts can they?