Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ottobre 1-13

One more Ottobre pair of pants.  The best yet! They turned out great - fit great - and he loves them!

Same Ottobre pattern from Jan 13 - size 122 lengthened 2 inches and then 1 was cut off before hemming.

I am loving Ottobre!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zipper Woes

This is a heart wrenching story so get a Kleenex LOL

Remember that last pair of Ottobre pants that I made for Big Little Guy? Yeah, well we decided that they were a titch to tight for him so I whacked off the legs a smidgen, opened the waistband to snug them up just a tiny bit and passed 'em on down to Littlest Man. They fit him perfect!
Pants number 1 on Littlest Man
 So onto the tear jerker..... of course I began another pair of pants for Big Little Guy because he SO desperately needs them. I swear if I sit and watched him I could see him growing! The pants came together beautifully once again in two afternoons and I was on top of the world with Ottobre patterns. I got them hemmed up, waist adjusted, snap put on - all that was left was the back buttons. I asked him to try them on and as he took them off... are you ready for this?.... he got the zipper STUCK on the thread where I had shortened it!!!!!!!!! Aack! Oh my! Oldest Daughter and I worked at that zipper for over an hour. I have to confess part of that time I was in tears. It was the icing on a rather difficult day to begin with. That zipper was not going to budge!!!
Pants number two on Big Little Guy

The worst part was that I felt bad because I was frustrated and yelled at him. He was so sad. The next worst part was that I realized that I had screwed up by buying a 7 inch zipper instead of a 7 cm zipper like it called for. If I had gotten the right one I would never have had to shorten this one! This centimeter thing rather than 40 some years of inches is hard to relearn!!!!!!!
I interrupted their legos for a photo shoot!

Ok wipe your eyes and blow your nose. Because the story has a happy ending! After I told hubby my sob story he took a look at the pants. He got out his leatherman tool and had it fixed in less than 2 minutes! Can you believe it? He so frustrates me sometimes. Things always take me two and three times longer and harder than they do for him. I'm so glad I have my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll see how long the knees last when Legos are involved :-(
Pair number 2 was size 122 not lengthened at all. I should have lengthened them by an inch or so considering how FAST he's growing! Only change on this one was that I left off the button loops again. They don't wear belts anyway!