Thursday, March 20, 2014

Patrice's Totebag

One of my sewing student's projects - McCall's 6409 view C
Too cute!! I want one! So do my two daughters - 
maybe a winter project for next year?
She did such a super job!! Her son did a great job at coordinating the fabrics too!
She's got a skirt up next.

I'm not sure what I've got up next - one more jeans for Big Little Guy and then I think I'll start in on summer sewing - swimsuits for all?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


 I tried to get fancy and do heavy yellow top stitching. It worked, kinda. The fly top stitching got kinda screwed up but hey for the first time the bar tack to hold the fly shield in place worked perfect! You win some, you loose some. I could have picked out the fly top stitching but it was done with a double stitch top stitch and it would have been a bugger to pull out. His shirt will cover it (he rarely tucks it in) and he'll out grow them faster than it would have taken me to pick it out!!!

Ottobre 1/2013 #19 Relaxed Cotton Pants Size 134 - with one inch removed from the length. Should have done the size 128 with one inch added to the length because they are too big in the waist. Too bad he'll wear out the knees before he gains enough weight to fill them out!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


And here is my grand-dog. My oldest was here to visit this past week and they brought the most well behaved dog on this earth!!

Love you Rusty!!
Isn't he adorable!!!!!!?
 He's shown here with a knitted toy that my littlest daughter made just for him!

Black and White Plaid Flannel Shirt

How is it that one can buy two pieces of fabric from the same store at the same time on bolts that are sitting in the same section and have such different quality of fabric?!??!
The first one out of the green/blue was divine to work with. This one... not so much. It was thinner, it almost seemed to pill as I worked with it. The bias for the pocket and yoke were SO stretchy that it was ridiculous.
But it's done, and it fits, and it'll last through this season anyway.

Ottobre 6/2013 #17 "Forest" with collar and cuffs - size 128 with 1/4 inch seam allowances. Next time go back to 1cm or 1/2 inch seam allowances! 1/4 inch was too small to work with on this!!

Two Little Girl Gifts

I whipped up these two sleep shirts for a couple little friends from our church. My children have been invited to a birthday party for the two of them so I sewed up these sleep shirts and my daughter is whipping up a couple pairs of slippers to match.

 The pink one is a size large from the Kwik Sew Children's book and the purple is a medium.

Hopefully their mother doesn't visit my blog and they see them by mistake before next Tuesday LOL

I'll try to remember to add the picture of the slippers when they're done.