Sunday, October 9, 2016

Quilt for Liesel

Youngest daughter made this quilt for the same baby shower. She's excited to be an aunt again too!!!

Liesel Sleep Bags

I sewed these up for a shower gift for my new grandbaby on the way. Can you guess it's gender? Due December 4!! Can't wait to meet you Liesel Mae!!!!!

The top part is from Ottobre and then I just self drafted the bag bottom.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Pink Polka Dot Tank

I think I have the binder attachment pretty much figured out. Now I need to learn how to tweak it for each individual fabric so that it lays flat and doesn't try to gather it at all.

This tank is for Little Miss from Ottobre 3/2013 #34 Tank with rouching on the sides with clear elastic. It's very subtle and not real noticeable at all. Size 156 with no alterations.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Copied Pink Floral Tank

This wasn't my first choice in fabric but after my ribbing for binding experiment I was a bit gun shy. I had this in the stash and it was a sturdy interlock so I thought I'd see how that turned out. I actually forgot that I had traced off facings for this tank and I began binding the neckline too. So this one has the neck bound rather than faced. That's ok.

I used the self interlock fabric for binding and it worked way better. The olive green in the leaves actually matches a tiered skirt perfectly that a friend gifted me with that is very light for summer. I think it'll make a cool outfit for the hottest of days.

Each top brings me closer and closer to understanding and knowing what my binder machine will do with different fabrics. It's been a fun trial period here to see the different results and what works for me.

Binding Experiment

This was me playing again with the Weekender tank that I traced/copied from the original garment. I used ribbing in my binder attachment for the first time. It made the armholes WAY too small. They fit but this is definitely a farm shirt. It looks goofy and pulls up in the pits above the bust. I will remember that ribbing in the binder WILL gather what you're binding too. I just like the look of binding in the interlock or jersey that the shirt is made from. Live and learn..... at least it's not a total wadder.....

Gray Plantain

Another Deer and Doe Plantain with a FBA. The picture makes it look like it's low in the neckline. It isn't as low on my body as on the dress form. I actually like this one better than the green one. It isn't as low in the front, the fabric is more to my liking with cotton content, and the fabric isn't so stretchy so it doesn't seem to cling as much either.

I forgot to mention that in both the green and this gray I lengthened the sleeves and I like it MUCH better! When you get old and fat like me the cap sleeves leave one feeling fat and exposed! I like this length a lot better.

Olive Green Deer and Doe Plantain

This was my first attempt at a full bust adjustment. I'm trying hard to follow a more modest path and it's hard when all the patterns are designed with negative ease and designed to hug the body.

This is the Deer and Doe Plantain in the biggest size with a full bust adjustment.

It kind of worked. This fabric is a a VERY stretchy jersey knit. I got it at a fabric warehouse nearby. I'm thinking there is quite a bit of lycra in it. I think it's more rayon than cotton too. Because it's so stretchy the neckline ended up a bit lower than I had originally planned.

From this garment I learned that sewing can be exciting because you just really never know how things are going to turn out. You can sew a pattern 50 times and each time get a different result because fabrics are just like people - different personalities!!

If anyone knows of a nice modest scoop neck non-hugging t-shirt pattern let me know!!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Olive Green side slouch T

I've made this before in a navy blue. Made it today in an olive green using my cover stitch machine for the binding and hems!!! It's from Ottobre 2/2013 #13 The Lemon Juice top in size 46/48

I am beyond ecstatic!! I am so glad my hubby loves me this much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lime Modest Swimsuit

 The pattern is Modest Swimwear that I made a while back for her older sister. It's a size 6 that I graded down, mostly by sewing deep seams. The fabric is from JoAnn's. It turned out okay and usable but next time I'm going to make the skirt a titch longer and do something different for a shelf bra. I made my own bra cups and they work okay but next time I'll make a full shelf across.

Shavuot Skirt

Oh my! I am so behind blogging. I've been sewing but nothing has made it on the blog lately. So here I am playing catch up. I don't even have pictures of everything I've made lately. *sigh*

Today we (youngest daughter and I together) sewed a tiered skirt for her. She loves it!! She did about 1/3 of the sewing, including much of the gathering stitches! She absolutely loves to sew!

It's from an Instructables page that is located here:

Fabric was all from the stash. The 2nd panel looks gray in the picture but it's actually a fun crinkle chambray that is light blue.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sewing/Craft Room Reveal

I've been waiting a few months to make this post. I am so excited to share with you my brand new sewing and crafting studio!

The floors turned out fabulous as I can dust or wet mop them with my Norwex mop!!! We have woodstove heat so being able to clean it easily was my biggest concern!! The only thing we have left to do is some individual task lighting that he has ideas for.

Here goes.....

Fabric wall

Pattern cabinets from when I worked at a fabric store many moons ago with a "my favorite things" grouping on the wall to cheer me and inspire me!

Daughter's sewing desk

Small loom Hubby built me this winter - first rug almost finished.....

Big loom actually belongs to oldest daughter and if/when it goes to her home and if I've gotten it figured out.... I'll buy my own to replace it!

Craft table for card making that I've been waiting for my children to be old enough that I can do all these thing!

My 3 babies - Viking Designer II, Elna Pro 4DE, Babylock Coverstitch - LOVE them all!!

Fabric wall from other direction

Yarn department Ha! Skirting table hubby built me this winter. Spinning wheel is youngest daughter but if I learn to and enjoy it maybe I'll buy my own even before hers goes to her home some day hopefully long in the future! I am excited too because I bought a carding machine with my oldest daughter and I'm excited to get going on that too!!

Full room view
Full room view from other side