Friday, February 28, 2014

Plaid Flannel

I started snapping pictures before he was even into it!
I still want to do another denim skirt and a pair of jeans for myself but I needed to take a break on my stuff once again to sew for my weeds once again!
It fits well

When they get down to only one or two shirts that are nice for church it's time to get sewing for them. So I whipped up another #17 "Forest" from 6/2013 with the alternative collar and cuffs rather than the hood. This pattern only goes to size 134 so I have to sew it while I can!
Being a goof

For Big Little Man I sewed it in a blue & green plaid that I picked up at Joann's. I made no alterations and it fits lovely and might even fit little brother in the fall?!!? Hey, if I can get two seasons out of a garment for these critters I'm happy - even if the only way to have it happen is two different critters LOL

Then today I traced a size 128 for Littlest Man - his will be from a black & white plaid flannel purchased at the same time. Hopefully I'll be back blogging about this one by the end of the weekend.....

Thursday, February 13, 2014

3 Ottobre T's for Me!

I needed some tops to wear with anything - dressy or casual. My friend (thanks ~M!) gifted me with a gift certificate for my birthday with the stipulation that it had to be used for something for me.  I tried some Organic Cotton Jersey for the first time. It's SO soft!!!!

Ottobre 5/2013 - #1 Autumn Mood T-shirt - size EU44 with no alterations.

This cream one is a bit thin, which is disappointing. But I'll figure out how to wear it under something.

The dark dark brown one turned out beautiful - it's my favorite!!

Black one from fabric stash
back view of black one
This third and final one for this week is from black knit (looks brown in the photo, dumb camera) that I had in my stash. I'm not happy with the neck binding because there is not much stretch to this knit. Hopefully it'll soften up and be okay with a couple washings.  The necks on the brown and cream soft organic ones lay much nicer!! But... I had the black one on today as I was blogging :-)

Maybe I'll update the photos of the hanger ones above as I wear them in the coming days. Or maybe I won't - I always seem to forget.

Work T-Shirt

Some helpmate I am to my darling husband! He gently informed me (by having to look in the laundry basket himself) that he was low on work t-shirts.

Took care of that this week! This is after he's worn it all day and quickly posed so I could snap a picture LOL

Stretch & Sew 1745 Men's rugby shirts - size 38 lengthened 2 inches.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hooded Sweatshirt (Dress?)

After many years my hubby said he'd buy me a cover stitch machine! I was ecstatic! While I was researching and waiting for the funds, I started playing with my current serger. While it's not designed to be a true cover stitch machine it has the ability to do a cover lock stitch. I had fun playing with it with this outfit. It's not perfect but not bad for my first attempt. The money had to go to buy us a new family vehicle so it's a good thing that I figured out that my current serger has fun capabilities.... maybe a real cover stitch machine will be in my future some day.... that is if the cars ever behave themselves. :-(

Ottobre 4/2013 - #28 - The Pentagram hoodie - size 146 with no alterations.

Ottobre 4/2013 - #30 - Segment leggings - size 146 with no seam allowances added - just sewn as traced.