Friday, July 8, 2016

Copied Pink Floral Tank

This wasn't my first choice in fabric but after my ribbing for binding experiment I was a bit gun shy. I had this in the stash and it was a sturdy interlock so I thought I'd see how that turned out. I actually forgot that I had traced off facings for this tank and I began binding the neckline too. So this one has the neck bound rather than faced. That's ok.

I used the self interlock fabric for binding and it worked way better. The olive green in the leaves actually matches a tiered skirt perfectly that a friend gifted me with that is very light for summer. I think it'll make a cool outfit for the hottest of days.

Each top brings me closer and closer to understanding and knowing what my binder machine will do with different fabrics. It's been a fun trial period here to see the different results and what works for me.

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