Sunday, January 10, 2016

Birthday Cape

I had to wait until M received her birthday gift in the mail from me before I could blog about this. Hope you had a wonderful birthday M and that you will think of me each time you wear your cape! I love you!!

This is the Go To Pattern Cape for Women in size XL in the regular length but with petite sizing for where the arm holes are placed. My friend wanted it longer but she's vertically challenged so I needed to adjust it to a petite for the armholes.

I wish that M lived closer and I'd have her model it for some pictures! Maybe I can get her to send me some pictures of her in it to add to the blog :-)

Go To has the same cape in girls sizes. My Little Miss claims she wants one too!! We shall see... so many projects.... so little time. Really it's only so little time because my back still won't let me sew too long each day :-( Hoping to get the cutting table raised a bit soon too which will be wonderful. I SO need to learn not to hunch when I'm sewing  LOL