Monday, February 22, 2016

Polar Fleece Vest

 I'm not real overly proud of this make but I have to blog it so I remember what it is and what I did. I also don't mind showing a bit of what the new Coverstitch machine is capable of.

This is Ottobre 6/2010's Donald #34 hooded sweater-knit vest in size 146. The reason I am not overly proud of it is because it was designed for sweater knit so when I tried to do it out of thick polar fleece there was a lot of thickness to get through often times.

Also it is fully lined so you virtually sew the silly thing inside out. You go into an opening like the armhole and sew other parts and then the armhole gets sewn up in two separate steps. This is quite interesting! I was quite befuddled at first but finally figured it out - quite by accident but you didn't hear that from me.

The little guy loves it, as does his younger brother who begged and begged for me to make him one!! I told him I would but not of polar fleece. I happened to have a piece of regular sweatshirt fleece in my stash that was almost enough. I could not fit the sleeve bands so they will be contrasting. I hope it works. That's in the sewing room now.......

It wasn't a hit with me but it was certainly a hit with him!! He wore it none stop for almost two weeks before he finally admitted that maybe it needed to be washed. It was originally planned to be an extra layer under his winter coat that seems rather thin this year. But it's become more personal than that, to him.