Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sprigged Calico Skirt

A simple "no pattern" cut squares turned into a gathered skirt. They are simple but so far she still likes the "prairie" look of them! I like simple!!

Two rectangles 36" wide by 30" long. Stitch them together at the sides. Finish the bottom and turn up a 1" hem. Finish the top edge and turn in 1 1/4 inches for an elastic casing. Cut 22" of elastic inserted into casing. Overlap the elastic by 1" and close up the casing.

I think there is a lot of fabric gathered at the waist and it would bug me but she seems not to mind!

Simplicity 2184 Denim Skirt

Sometimes you just NEED to whip out something quick.  I've made this before so I just went with it - A denim skirt was needed in my wardrobe!!

Simplicity 2184 - View A size 20 no alterations

Hooded Denim Shirt

Catching up today.... I've been sewing a bit but not blogging stuff. I'd rather be sewing LOL

I always find it amazing that my children walk up to the fabric stash, pull something out, and say, "Mom can this be a ..... for me?"  He wanted pants but I talked him into a shirt. The pattern is designed for flannel and that's on the docket soon. The denim is a bit stiff and makes it a bit jacket like. It is also a bit big but a mom has to keep ahead some how right?

Ottobre 6/2013 #17 "Forest" again. But for a different child. This time with a hood and ribbed cuffs. I did use the same size body - 134 as the boys are so close in size now-a-days. It's a bit big but not too big that it would have been worth my time to retrace a different size. Fabric was a freebie striped light weight denim from a friend.

It looks okay I guess but I think it'll be better out of a flannel.  We shall see...

Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt

Ottobre Winter 6/2013 - #17 "Forest" size 134 with collar and cuffs substituted for hood and ribbed cuffs. Used black pearl snaps to make it look a bit western but the fabric was so thin it didn't really turn out the way I envisioned. It fits and he can wear a t-shirt under it for the winter and it'll be a light cool shirt to wear into the spring by itself. Gotta roll with the punches and work with what you have sometimes!
An unplanned benefit is that they make a perfect complete outfit with the newest corduroy pants that I recently sewed!! Gotta love when things coordinate well!