Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Gift

A family friend of ours had a birthday last Friday and I was blessed to be able to be down in Missouri the day after.  I sewed him McCalls 2736 - size Medium.

My daughter knitted him some slippers and I sewed him this shirt. Hope you get many years of wear out of it Bill!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is over and done with now so I can share what I made for my Mom.

The pattern called for very narrow binding. I did the first one that way and I didn't like it. So the second one I made a tiny bit wider. It worked a bit better.

I hope she gets lots of use out of them!

P.S. Pardon my stained ironing board. Maybe I should look at recovering that. When I get time, right? That's funny.... when I get time.... Hahahahahaha

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Navy T-shirt

I have been sewing Kwik Sew patterns for over 20 years. I could put their t-shirts together in my sleep.  Wouldn't ya know Ottobre has just a bit different method for binding the neck and sleeves.  I like this other method (I think) but it'll take more practice - hopefully not another 20 years!

This is another Summer 3/2012 - #24 T-shirt, size 122.  This time in navy.
Not sure yet about the V neck.  I'm going to try a regular crew neck out of Summer 3/2013 next.  It will have binding similar to Kwik Sew, it looks like :-) and now sleeve binding.  Gotta get a couple more T's for the boys done quick like.  Spring will be here soon, still hoping.
I've been doing a bit of other sewing too but I can't show you until after Mother's Day.  I also need to work on a birthday gift for a friend.  My list gets longer rather than shorter - what's up with that?? My Ottobre list keeps extending too! Such fun and up-to-date styles!! Now if my back would cooperate and let me sew, I'd be in good shape.