Monday, January 21, 2013

McCall's 6035

I've made this pattern before and it always turns out nice and fits well. I'm really liking the shirtwaist type shirts. Very versatile!

This time I did it out of a stretch cotton that I bought recently on a shopping trip with hubby. I wasn't going to buy it but it was what I wanted to try so of course he couldn't figure out WHY I wasn't buying it when I found it. LOL He's so practical! Trouble is... he doesn't calculate the budget! I bought it with his encouragement though :-)

It has much more stretch in it than I had anticipated but it turned out okay. I think. I'll know more after I wear it a couple times. I'm thinking it will probably be a winter shirt as the stretch stuff will make it too warm for summer. It's really rather heavy.

I sewed a size 18 and this time I took out the extra bulk in the princess seams on the back. They were a bit too large the last time so I just trimmed them down about 5/8 inch each in the main curve.

I like the button up cuffs on this shirt. Easy to sew but gives it a bit of detail. Next time I think I'll top stitch the tabs before applying them to the shirt.

Next up littlest one's quilt.......

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One More Skirt

I seriously need some photo shoot pointers!! My photographer is doing her best but look what she has to work with??!!?! Hopefully they will be much better when the models are little people :-)

This pattern is an old Country Skirt pattern put out by Country House Quilts that I had in my drawer.  The only pieces were the pocket and the front button plackets. I'm not sure if I like the buttons in the front or the zipper on the side style skirts yet.  The rest of the pattern was just a booklet of directions on how to cut and how to sew it together.

The fabric is a black cotton calico that daughter#1 and I found at a fabric estate sale about a year ago. We found the Ad on Craig's List and decided to hit it. We got some good deals and wish we could find more of this type of thing!  The woman had passed away and her family was selling her "stash". She had SOOOO much fabric that she literally opened a fabric store, after she died though. Her fabric was spread out over more than 40 tables. Each piece folded into a bolt size. There was a whole 'nother room for yarn too. And tables and tables of notions too!  I have never seen one person with THAT much fabric in my life!! 

I did as the directions said and cut the panels down to 36 inches wide each. I don't know that I'll make it again. I like my skirts a bit more a-line and this one is straight. It also makes me look larger in the tummy with the gathers than my other skirts with pleats do. It didn't turn out bad really, but just wouldn't be my first pick, I don't think. Time will tell if it becomes a favorite....

Next up another white shirt for me. Then my wardrobe will be in a better position and I'll be able to sew for the children again for a while as we finish out the winter. Although I am needing a new purse and still have a quilt to put together for son#4 so they may come first. Can you tell I have to seriously prioritize my sewing?? Always too many projects and so little time!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Simplicity 2698

I had made this pattern with skirt E and waistband B - I love it and others say it looks good on me. So I thought I would change it up a bit and this time I did skirt H with waistband B. I did NOT like how the waistband attached for skirt H and I also didn't like the extra pleat in the middle.

I will make this skirt again for sure but I will go back to skirt E and waistband B. I will lengthen it 2 inches or so the next time though. Skirt H was long enough but skirt E is not as long as I would like. Got all that? That's ok if you didn't - its just meant for my notes :-)

Size 20 again but this time I had to take up an inch in the waist because with this navy blue sportswear it ended up a titch too big. Can anyone tell me why a person that wears a 14 in ready-to-wear has to sew a size 20? That is just dumb.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Mini Sewing Machine

My kids know how much I absolutely LOVE to sew. It is a passion of mine and they know it! They also love reaping the rewards - each always hoping that the current project is for them!

This week one day while I was out running errands, they decided to make a birthday gift for Mama. The big daughter found the "pattern" on pinterest and the littles put it together. What fun! It's about 2 inches by 3 inches - it's so cute.

Now I have a mini lego sewing machine to beautify my sewing room!

While we're sharing lego decor in my sewing room... I just have to share this little man that has been in my sewing room for about 18 years. It was made long ago by another little Lego lover that loved Star Wars and loved his Mama too.  It has sat on my bulletin board edge all these years (even moved houses a couple of times and many sewing rooms too) and I still smile every time I look at it. Isn't he cute?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Work T-shirt for Him

I'm planning on journaling EVERYTHING sewing in my life - including the mundane necessary items like t-shirts and undies.

My ultimate goal is to completely clothe my family of 6!  It will take a while to get there no doubt, but it will be a fun journey gettin there. Glad to have you along on that journey :-)

Today we have a work t-shirt for hubby.  I have sewn this so many times that I literally can cut, sew, press, fold and put away this shirt faster than I could drive to the store buy one and bring it home. Granted.. I live 30 minutes from any store that would sell t-shirts but that's beside the point :-)

I've had this shirt traced at a size 38 for years! He said that for today's model that I should shorten it just a bit.  I had lengthened the original pattern by 3 inches because he has always wanted t-shirts that were long enough to tuck in on his very tall body.  But, per his request, I shortened it today by 2 inches. So it's still 1 inch longer than the original.  Maybe he's shrinking in his old age????

Here's a close up of the neckband.  I am so happy with my newer sewing machine because my old one didn't really appreciate top stitching on knits :-/ This one does it with no problem! In the picture the neckband looks lopsided but it really isn't. It turned out just fine. Fine for a work shirt anyway!

This is more fun than the spiral notebook already!!!

Back to the sewing room.......

****** Update...... after wearing the shirt twice he says, "yeah maybe I do want that 2 inches back on the length of the pattern"   So.... we'll go back to the original extra length next time. I didn't even tell him "I told you so" ;-)

A shirt for Mama

My first entry in my new journal is a shirt for ME!!

Kwik Sew 2927 - View B - Size L

No adjustments were made - Kwik Sew and I get along very well

The only change that I should have made and realized half way through was that for the ruffles around the neck and the arms are easier done if the edges are serged and then just turned in once. Turning them twice without serging was a PAIN!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Journal

This is a picture of my old sewing journal -

I'm thinking that a fun blog type journal will be a whole lot more fun and will give me more information as I'll be able to keep a picture journal too!  FUN!!